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Jerry started his business ten years ago and has experienced steady growth. Along the way there has been some great advice from close friends, vendors and other business people.

But now his business has changed from the simple start-up with a few people to a 10 million dollar business with 50 people involved. The growth potential is there, but who does Jerry turn to for insights or even just a sounding board for his ideas? Who else understands what he is up against both business wise as well as personally?

The answer

The concept of a peer to peer group in business is not new.

Napoleon Hill emphasized the importance of a “Master Mind Group” in his still best selling book, Think & Grow Rich in 1937. Like minded people have always gathered together in order to tap into the power of many rather than the one.

The outcome?

More clarity of thinking and better decisions for one! Expanding or making that new idea a viable one that will now work has been one of the best outcomes from peer to peer groups.

The Solutions


See what our valued members are saying...

  • “As a CEO of a company, I didn’t have anyone to report to so I was looking for external sources of accountability to help my drive myself and drive my company to grow."

    Wes Henry

    CEO/President, TrueIT

  • "It's been a great way to network with other business owners and to solve problems.

    Marc Rue

    President, Northstar Saftey Inc.