The Investment

Yes this does have an investment cost in both time and dollars. The question should be, “What is the return?”

  • The fees to be a member of CEO Solutions is an annual fee of $5,940.00 ($495.00 per month).
  • The time commitment is one half day per month and an additional hour for coaching (6 hours/mo).
  • The fee can be once per year or billed on a quarterly basis at $1,485. Monthly through a credit card is available with service fee.
You're Invited...

Because the membership is by invite only and limited, once a group is formed and started, it is closed to new members for that year. New members may be invited and join if an existing member chooses to vacate their spot. Group size is limited to 10-12 members.

The membership is renewable each year on the groups starting anniversary date. Included in the fee:

  • All 12 monthly meetings and meals. ($100.00/mo)
  • All training sessions, facilitator and outside experts that provide workshops. ($1,000.00/mo)
  • CEO Solutions manual and guide book ($100.00)
  • An hour each month of one on one executive coaching ($200.00/mo)
  • The Business Book of the Quarter. ($25.00/mo)
  • Ideas, feedback, confidentiality, business growth, friendship and peers. (Priceless)

Total Annual Value: $19,600.00 /$1,633.00 Monthly. Yes, if you were to obtain these services individually by yourself, this would be the cost!

Become a Valued Member