The Power of An Operational Management System

Entrepreneurs are fast moving, agile, innovative and ahead of the curve!

Yet, while this can drive a company's growth, by themselves, these attributes can be the "Achilles Heel" of the company as well. Our members have experienced what happens when growth happens without an operational system in place. That is why they now have one!

What does a Management Operational System do?

  • Provides the team and leadership structure so they can focus on the most important aspects vs the busy aspects of the business.
  • Provides "Strategic" approach to running the daily challenges while still moving the company forward.
  • Provides tools and methods to deal with the challenges in people, competition, change and growth that allow open, transparent communications and long lasting solutions.
  • Provides growth of the leadership team, which is critical for a growth oriented and scalable business.
  • Provides tools and methods for productive communications throughout the organization and drives innovation and accountability.
  • Provides tools and methods for placing accountabilities in the right way, with the right people, for the right reasons and hold such accountable for outcomes.
  • Provides insight for leadership so they can focus on the critical aspects, changes, challenges that growth will bring.
  • Provides tools and systems to measure against so leadership can factually see what is working for them and what is not, and what to adjust to gain desired outcomes.

Harlan has explored many various business operational systems, many of them very complex and detailed. They may work well for Fortune 500 companies, but Entrepreneurs want simple, fast moving and easy to understand tools.

For this reason, CEO Solutions utilizes the EOS System created by Gino Wickman, author of the book "Traction".

A very simple, yet challenging system that focuses on clarity, focus, outcomes, accountability and people growth. Thus creating a basis for fast, profitable growth of your business.

All members of the CEO Solutions groups implement the EOS System and adapt it to their business.

What can I expect from implementing a Management System through the CEO Solution Group?

  • A fast implementation with continual support and insights from the group members. Because everyone is implementing, there is always an answer to your question or challenge.
  • Clarification of your thinking and an understanding in your team of where your company is going and why-- not just once a year, but weekly-- so there is no doubt.
  • Assuredness that you have the right people in the right spot for the right reasons. This is one of the biggest issues we see with our new members; They have good people in place, but they are also creating frustration for the company. Our longer term members have virtually eliminated these issues.
  • A path and plan to prepare and scale your company for rapid and profitable growth. Most are not ready to scale, thus lose profits when in growth mode. A high level of accountability and transparency that drives issues to the forefront, drives solutions and creates high productivity at all levels. Your "A" players will love it, embrace it and drive toward it.
  • Control, perhaps for the first time, of your company, the team and what actually happens. Most members indicate that chaos is virtually gone after the first year.
  • Scalability and transferability of your business. Most companies struggle with being scalable, and many are not really transferable if one wants to exit. With the Management System and the CEO Solution Group, yours will be much more successful in these areas.

Not only does the CEO Solutions Group give you peer to peer support to help you be your best; you also get perhaps the most effective business operational system yet developed.

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