The Package

So how does CEO Solution work? Here is a general overview of the activities each member participates in.

Once per month half day group session
Estimated $1,100.00 value if done individually)

  1. 1) 12:00 pm for lunch and short social interaction
  2. 2) Accountability Segment, what has been accomplished in the past 30 days, for the quarter, for the year. This is cited as the main reason for our members growing their company faster!
  3. 3) Board Room, your business issues on the table for discussion. Topics from people, issues, hiring, firing, systems, process, insurance, expansions, buying a business, selling a business, personal challenges, virtually any topic that is on a CEO’s plate.
  4. 4) Training or educational session on business skills or topics (Estimated $100-500.00 per mo.)
    • Facilitator conducts specific skills training
    • Outside resources conduct workshops on specific business concerns
    • All training sessions are workshops with participation and discussion
    • No sales pitches or product presentations are allowed
    • Confidential discussion period where pertinent issues are discussed through facilitation
  5. 5) Wrap up and summary of the day.
    • 5pm adjourn
  6. 6) During the month a hour, individualized, one-on-one coaching session with the facilitator to assist you personally in areas of concern or personal growth. (Normal rate $200.00 per hour, included with membership)
    • Various networking, social or operational tours at the groups choosing.
    • Access to the facilitator at anytime.
    • Hard copy of the Business Book of the Month. ($25.00 per month value)
CEO Solution allows you...

We have all heard the metaphor of “Being too close to the tree to see the forest!” CEO Solution allows you to step back once a month and work “on your business” instead of “in your business”.

Those that have utilized this approach have seen phenomenal stead growth in their business!

The Package