The Solution

The CEO Solution is a limited and by invite only group of CEO’s, Presidents and Owners of small business that want to improve and grow their business, develop themselves and add value to the world around them.

What outcomes could you experience with a “board of directors” that meet with you each month and discuss business issues, challenge assumptions, resolve current issues and provide personal growth along with it? Yet this “board of directors” sits in a chair just like yours everyday. They face the same issues, challenges and opportunity as you.

The answer
  • Stop the second guessing,
  • Gain fresh perspectives,
  • Have a solid sounding board,
  • Know it is the right decision,
  • Stop wondering, are you getting the full picture,
  • Stop the concern over issues that keep coming back to haunt you and
  • Stop all the things that eat up your time and energy!

Once per month take the time and invest it with others like you. Have open discussions that you know will not leave the confidentiality of the room! Gain insights into how others have dealt with, are dealing with or plan on dealing with the same issues you face today! Gain solutions that drive results today!

Take a reprieve and enjoy learning new skills, gaining new insights and developing higher capability though monthly training sessions that challenge a business owner. Learn from experts on business subject matter each month.

The Outcome