The Team

Harlan Goerger


Harlan Goerger is founder and president of H. Goerger & Associates, dba AskHG. As a facilitator, Harlan has worked with countless companies of all sizes and industries. In the business world, he has observed the ideas and concepts that work, and also those that are not as effective. His experience gives his business solutions the ideas and cautions that not only keep risk levels low, but boost growth levels as well. Harlan’s insight does not come from textbook insight, but real life, real business experience.

Harlan has authored three books on business and sales and has created countless training and development programs for business, including the CEO Solution groups, Performance Based Management Program and the New Paradigm Selling System.

It was the desire to have a positive impact in the business community that drove him to develop the CEO Solution groups. By positively impacting the leadership capability and capacity of business owners and CEO’s, the entire organization has been impacted for the better!

On a personal note, Harlan has three grown children which all run successful business enterprises and have graced him with seven grandchildren. Harlan loves tinkering with custom cars and motorcycles- basically anything that goes fast.

Dave Monson


Dave Monson brings over 30 years of experience in working with business owners, managers and staff. He has worked to identify, define and resolve key business and management issues. His experience positively impacts the health, welfare and effectiveness of the organization or management and staff - both personally and professionally- as well as their customers and other stakeholders.

Dave began his sales and consulting career as a marketing research associate, conducting primary market research and consulting services before joining Eide Bailly, a nationally ranked top 15 CPA firm. His career at Eide Bailly spanned 27 years, serving as Marketing Director and member of the organization’s Firm Administration team. In addition to marketing administration, communications, and marketing and client development, Dave was engaged in other major components of organization development including strategic and tactical planning, training, education and human resources.

Dave eventually migrated to an association of small to mid-sized CPA firms from across the country. He became Director of the Firm’s Practicewise Network Services and Operations, a division of Eide Bailly, formed in 2000. Beginning in 2013, he has served organizations as an independent consultant.

He has facilitated and assisted companies in strategically aligning practices, operations, processes and employees with the owner’s or management’s vision for their organization in mind. In each instance, Dave maintains the overriding objective to contribute to organizational success by improving the performance and well-being of all stakeholders.

Erl Morrell-Stinson

CEO/Founder, Stellar Impact

A highly effective Coach and Trainer to CEOs and Business Owners, Erl’s background as an International Speaker, Author, Master Trainer has positioned him for nearly thirty years in the heart of culture transformation for executive leaders and their companies.

Erl works directly with executive leaders to develop “spiritually sustainable enterprises.” Confronted as a child with the inequities of apartheid in South Africa, Erl devoted many years to an intense study of human change dynamics, with a particular emphasis on how to cultivate the mindset, habits and character that bring prosperity at a personal, corporate, and community level.

From this perspective, Erl developed into a keenly insightful coach and trainer for CEOs and senior executives, providing a whole-hearted approach to leadership development and enterprise development.

Specialties: Inspiring leaders to greater excellence by helping them understand and master the inner dynamics that make it work – whether in private conversation with world-class leaders, training trainers internationally, coaching six-figure executive coaches to greater significance, or helping community or national leaders transform their culture.